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I have plans to make this a clearing house for information pertaining to the family name STEARMAN. Thank you to all who have emailed me regarding a possible family connection. My apologies for not being able to reply to you all.

I am Colin J. Stearman, originally from the UK and currently resident in the USA. You can visit our family name genealogy page if you wish. It currently contains over 350 names. Normal users will review limited data on each entry as a guest. If you can convince me of your "honorable intentions" I will give you the password for "friend" access, which provides more information one each entry. If you are interested in entering your own Stearman family data, (even though you may not be able to connect to our tree) I would be interested in giving you "wizard" access, but would need to be fully convinced of your sincerity, as you could add, modify or delete any data in the database!

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I have completed the transfer of all the old posts, although the dates of the posts have not been preserved. If you've posted on the old forum you have an account on the new and should have received an email letting you know the user name and password.
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This new forum is MUCH better than the old one, and I look forward to seeing a new flurry of activity on it.
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History of the STEARMAN family name

Research performed by my Grandfather indicates that the family originated in the Norfolk area of East Anglia in the UK. The name may possibly mean "candlestick maker". Can anyone corroborate this?

The most famous "Stearman" was Lloyd Stearman who started The Stearman Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas and developed the extremely popular training biplane, the Model 75. After selling the company to The Boeing Aircraft Company, he went on to become the 1st president of Lockheed Corporation.

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